SO, WHAT'S NEW AT RAIT ANTIQUES CENTRE (click here to see full article)

22/04/2016 16:58

Apart from our already great selection of interesting shops with a huge variety of quality antiques, vintage goods and collectables, in the last few weeks we have been joined by some new dealers with a fresh range of items for sale.

Rymour Antiques are specialising in beautiful mounted and framed antique maps and prints, antiquarian and old books, and more. Perfect for the serious collector or if you would just like a piece of history to decorate your home.

Scarlet Ribbon stock a range of hand made candles produced from 100% soy wax containing a selection of pure oils with fragrances of sweet, fresh and woody scents. These candles are long burning - typically 45 hours per candle. Because the ingredients are pure, the warm wax can even be used on the skin as a skin softener and the fragrance is captured for a long time on the skin.